Oasis Tanning Company is committed to service excellence through the tanning of exotic tanning including a variety of game skins and veg to the highest quality and standards in the world

A tannery is the term for a place, where the animal skins are processed. Tanning leather involves a process whereby it permanently alters the protein structure of an animal skin. Tanning can be performed with either vegetable or mineral methods, as well as chrome tanned skins.
The leather manufacturing process is divided into three sub-processes: preparatory stages, tanning and crusting. All true leathers will undergo these sub-processes. A further sub-process, surface coating may be added into the sequence. The list of operations that leathers undergo, vary with the type of leather for which it is produced. The veg tanning process is for belts and some bags where your mineral tannage is used on gameskins mainly for Taxidermy and so on.

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