Game Skin Processing and Tanning
Oasis Tanning Company is known worldwide for our excellent quality tanning and processing of all exotic game skin - large and small. Our years of hunting, curing and tanning experience ensures the best quality end result - we take pride in our work and have thousands of satisfied customers who entrust us with their hunting trophy processing year after year. We also produce on request various items from the game skins – please see our gallery.

Taxidermy - Hunting Trophy Mounting
Trophy Mounting is an art - our expert taxidermists are trained in the correct processing procedures to preserve your trophy mounts to last for generations. Our knowledge of the indigenous wild life of Southern Africa together with a sense of artistic flare will result in the most realistic and beautiful trophy mounts that are possible. We take pride in our work and have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

International Shipping and Handling of Game Trophies
We can deliver your skins and trophies at the current shipping rates anywhere in the world. Kindly refer to our Contact Us page for further details pertaining to International Courier Service

It is extremely important to follow the correct procedures in preserving you game hides to ensure the best quality end result. Follow our easy instructions for the best quality Hunting Trophy and Game Skin results.